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Aerial View
Aerial view
Aerial view with the year the buildings were built.
Past Principals
1912-1916 C. H. Young
1916-1919 C. C. Kennedy
1919-1920 V. V. Whittington
1920-1923 Sam J. Smith 
1923-1933 C. H. McKennon
1933-1936 E. L. Reding
1936-1938 T. L. Rodes
1938-1940 H. S. Jacks
(1940 new high school completed)
1940-1957 William R. Hudson
1957-1972 R. W. Knight
1972-1976 Randall Johnson
1976-1983 William "Bill" Pope
1983-1984 Martha C. Christy
1984-1989 Bunny Langston
1989-2003 Linda Thorn
2003-2009 Cathleen Johnson
2009-2014 Ann Womack
2014-2018 Treska Mitchell
2018-          Andrew Coleman


Bossier Elementary consists of four different buildings on a three-block area piece of property. An old photograph dating back to 1912 shows a two-story framed building on the south side of the property. The School Board tore this structure down after constructing the Main Building on the north side of the property in 1923, which originally housed elementary through high school students. The Primary Building was built directly south of the Main Building in 1928 to help with the expanding population. In 1939, Bossier High School built a new facility on Bearkat Drive, leaving our current property for elementary alone. After the gymnasium's construction in 1955, the school's structure remained the same for fifty years. In 2006, the Administration Building was built, connecting the two older buildings and completing Bossier Elementary as we know it today. 

1912 Public school Bossier City
Public school 1912
1923 Main Building
Main building photo
1928 Primary Building
1928 Primary building
2006 Administration Building 
The Administration Building connects the Main and Primary Buildings.