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Uniform T-shirt
Dark grey shirt with
Buy in the office for $10 while supplies last


  • Students will dress in navy blue or khaki pants, walking shorts, capri pants, skirts, jumpers or skorts.
  • No blue jeans will be allowed.
  • All shirts and tops must be white, light blue, or navy, with no insignias. Uniform T-shirts may be purchased in the office for $10. Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays.
  • If undershirts are worn and visible, they must be uniform color.

Socks:  Students must wear socks.  Socks and tights should be white, black, or navy.

Belts:  Belts must be worn with pants and shorts having belt loops.  Belts must be black, brown, tan or navy.  Large oversized belt buckle that may cause a distraction are not allowed.  No novelty belts are allowed.

Shoes:  Students should choose footwear that is appropriate and comfortable for school wear.  These may include tennis shoes, regular street shoes, or dress shoes.  Sandals can only be worn with socks.  No beach shoes, slides, or backless shoes are allowed.  Additionally, no crocs or croc-like shoes are allowed. 

Outerwear:  Students will place heavy jackets/coats in the area provided in the classroom (wall hooks, lockers, etc.)  If a jacket or outer wear is required during the school day, the students must wear lightweight navy uniform jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts.  Non-uniform jackets may NOT be worn in the classroom.

Masks: Masks that are school appropriate will be required for students in 3rd- 5th grades. Each of these students will be given a white cloth mask at the beginning of the year. You may purchase a Bossier Elementary mask (black with the paw print logo) in the office for $5. PK-2nd may wear them if you wish but it is not mandatory.