Mission and Vision of Bossier Elementary PBIS Parental Involvement Non-Discrimination & Disability Harassment Revised Statute 24:523

Thanksgiving Lunch

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Parental Involvement

Thanksgiving Lunch

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   Bossier Elementary Parent Involvement Plan


A positive, productive interaction between the home, the school and the community is important for the continued success of Bossier Elementary. The staff at Bossier Elementary is dedicated to offering parents a variety of opportunities to get to know their child’s school, and to work hand in hand with its teachers in educating children.


  1. Parents are invited to participate in school functions, such as Open House, Awards Assemblies, Grandparents’ Day, Field Day, and Family Fun Night.
  2. School calendars/newsletters are sent home monthly informing parents of events, student achievement, classroom activities and school policy information. The school web page is updated regularly and important school activity dates are posted on the school’s marquee.
  3. Parents are regularly informed of their child’s academic progress and participation in the school-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan through weekly take home folders, phone calls, emails, and parent-teacher conferences. Teachers’ School Loop web pages are also used to inform parents of classroom assignments and other activities.
  4. Parents are informed by letter/conference when their child is invited to participate in additional programs such as READ 180, other academic interventions, and after school tutorial programs.
  5. The school counselor encourages communication between home and school, seeking to involve families in the educational process and providing feedback to the school on family issues.
  6. Every family is given and signs a student handbook and parent compact stating school and parish guidelines.
  7. Within the first few weeks of the opening of school, families are invited to an Open-House to welcome parents, explain classroom policies/procedures, and convey academic and Positive Behavior Support expectations.
  8. Monthly calendars of Parent Center activities are sent home to keep parents informed and encourage active participation in their child’s education.
  9. Parents are invited to volunteer to assist in various capacities throughout the school.





Thanksgiving Lunch

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